Paper Thrones a series by Bret Sweet

Clay Durward has always been able to read the minds of young children. When he is asked to protect a six year old boy, he learns the child carries the spirit of a ten thousand year old energy locked in his subconscious. In trying to help his ward, Clay finds himself embroiled in a civil war between two factions of Ancient Egyptian deities fighting out their rivalry among the darkest streets in America’s crumbling cities.

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This revolutionary science fiction series enthralls your imagination by introducing urban culture into the realms of ancient mythology and taking you on a mind blowing adventure into your own consciousness. Among the Veils sets the foreground in which order versus chaos is taken beyond your average sci-fi book. Your mind and spirit will escape to a place outside of time. Find yourself captivated as you read, enjoy the musical soundtrack, and connect with the author by identifying the characters you imagined to the spectacular art work designed especially for Among the Veils.


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She better say it. Erykah you fucked up BIG TIME. There is no way to warp or shift it. There’s no defense.

My friend dubbed this ‘Female Hotep bullshit’

MOTHERFUCKERS all on twitter making outkandis comparisons like: ‘if you dangle a meatball in front of a starving man…’

GTFOH sex is not a basic need in humans like food. How dare you make that bullshit comparison.

Women and girls are not for male consumption. On top of that…you imply that males, on a whole, are TOO FUCKING STUPID, to understand how shit works. That they can’t understand no means no, clothes are not consent AND that children are an automatic no!

If you are a male….and you are offended at this implication… may need to do some serious rethinking.


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I don’t think Erykah is “fucked up”… I think that the issue can be more complicated than we can cover in a series of tweets.  There is NO excuse for rape. I don’t think that she necessarily meant that short skirts would stop rape, but perhaps they curb unwanted attention in some cases… She did speak some truth… I mean the idea of a “teenager” is a relatively recent invention and it is culturally specific to certain groups. I mean there are so called “kids’ fighting wars, farming, working and creating families all over the world. Cultural rules don’t change nature or biology *(as far as attraction etc…). That doesn’t excuse men who prey on young girls but it is important to understand the hypocrisy of rape culture is steeped in contradictory social constructs. Men and women have a responsibility in dismantling rape culture and while I don’t think that Ms. Badu’s tweets were a solution… the overall dialogue that sprang from it was filled with many jewels from all sides…  

** I agree with Diallo’s points but I’m not going to write off Ms. Badu’s point of view entirely because it’s not as rigid as what’s being selectively quoted. She agreed with a LOT of folks who were trying hard to fight her on this.  

No need to invent a new term such as “Female Hotep BS” when 1996 gave us Baduism.


Bret Sweet Estd. 1977

Bret Alexander Sweet was born in San Francisco, California. He was raised between Oakland and Sacramento, settling in San Francisco in 1997. Bret graduated from Berkeley High School in 1995. He is the son of prominent Bay Area civil rights attorney and social entrepreneur, Clifford Charles Sweet.

Bret combined his passion for music and entrepreneurship at a young age by earning himself an internship at PolyGram Group Distribution’s San Francisco office in the summer of 1995. Three months later he was an artist development rep focusing on the company’s urban division associated with Island Def Jam artists. He left PolyGram shortly after the merger to focus more on his college career at San Francisco State University and open his own label. Throughout his studies, Bret invested his time working in various community development organizations as well as running his own independent record label, House Kemetic Suns. Although House Kemetic Suns never reached platinum status with its artists, Bret had established the first online music distribution channel when he was 19; 6 years before Steve Jobs would bring iTunes to market.

In 2002, Bret began teaching entrepreneurship to youth and young adults from under-developed communities. In 2003, he signed on as Lead Entrepreneurship Instructor at BUILD, a non-profit organization in Menlo Park that uses entrepreneurship as vehicle for college admission for first generation students. In 2004, Bret was awarded Certified Teacher of the Year by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. In fall of 2007, Bret retired from teaching to pursue his life long dream of an MBA at the University of San Francisco. In 2008, Bret began certifying new cohorts of future NFTE instructor as a NFTE CETI (Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher Instructor). Bret graduated from the University of San Francisco in May 2009 with his Master’s of Business Administration with a dual emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In December 2008, he received the USF School of Management’s Dean Circle Scholarship for exemplary service in his community.

In 2007, Bret founded the Dualism Group which is early stage venture capitalism firm and consulting arm geared toward helping underserved entrepreneurs launch and expand their companies in order to bring jobs to lower income communities. One of his clients is Robert Simpson of Back A Yard Corporation which led to Bret being instrumental in the founding of Coconuts Palo Alto and the expansion of Back A Yard into San Jose. In addition he established his own property management firm called Sweet Rentality which creates tech innovations for the property rental market.

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